Out of touch

I have to tell you all that I read everyone else's blogs religiously. Sometimes I check them every day just to see what's new. It helps me feel like I'm connected to everyone back home even though I'm (literally) thousands of miles away. Recently, there hasn't been much activity on the blog front. I shouldn't complain too much on account of my own lack of blogging. Just in the last day or two everyone has started to re-emerge and are posting again. I haven't laughed this hard in a while and it's all because of the Twilight Saga. It seems that everyone is completely caught up in it all. Don't think I'm pointing any fingers because I'm just as guilty as everyone else! I've stayed up till 3:30 in the morning (unless Dad or Mom is reading this then seriously, it was only like 11, 11:30 at the absolute latest) reading "just one more chapter" until I've read the whole dern book. Which might be ok, but there are four books..... Each one longer than the last. But it is a nice little escape from reality. I've sat down to write what was new in my life but it all seems so boring compared to dashingly handsome vampires, fast cars in Italy (#1 on my list of places to visit), near death experience, triumphal victories, love conquering all, etc, etc, etc. But then I think, my life is pretty stinkin AWESOME!! So here's the top five goings ons of my last week or so:

#5 PINKY, NO!! That was the theme of our last Family Home Evening. We went turtle hunting at the little pond on the other side of the island. You tie raw chicken legs to a string and let them into the water and the snapping turtles latch on and you can pull them up...... Sometimes. The boys got really into, laying down on the docks and grabbing the turtles from the water..... "Johnny, you want me to hold your legs?" Pinky is Luis' little dog who kept trying to get to close to the SNAPPING turtles. They were bigger than the little one and could have easily bitten his leg off or head or something.

#4 This past week alone, I've had offers that if I moved to Chicago, D.C., Atlanta or Tennessee I would be kept very busy from people I worked on here and all their friends. So I guess I'm in the right field of work.

#3 My room is REALLY clean! I mean, pull the bed out and vaccum under it kind of clean. So refreshing and wonderful!!

#2 Luis, a young man from church, invited us all over to his house after church last sunday for dinner. He's pretty hilarious. Anytime there is any kind of occasion he insists on bringing the ice cream. It's kinda cute how his eyes get all wide and excited when someone mentions something and he says, "and we can have ice cream too!"

#1 I was called back to do another outcall on a yacht. The thing was insane! It wasn't the biggest one there, but they had a room that was all set up specifically for massage. How nice would it be? "You need a massage? Oh, no. Don't worry about the stress of going into the spa, just come by the yacht and I'll get our massage therapist to work on you." I have to admit that the best part of that morning was I only ended up doing one massage but they still payed me for the four they contracted me for. I got to go and play on the beach the rest of the morning!!


Onge said...

All I got to say is WOW. You have a lot going on. And it is all awesome!! It is fun that we are all lost in Twilight land. Good times. I like that your room is vacuum under the bed clean. Way to go. You are just plain awesome. I love you!

The Coxclan said...

I must admit I am a guilty party to the twilight zone. I just finished the last book though. It has only taken me a week and a half to read them all. Pretty good for being a lame mother and wife for that long. Anyway, you are awesome and I love you cuz, you're the very bestest.