Nantucket is a very different world than what I'm used to, especially coming from Logan.... That pretty much goes without saying. I know I haven't lived in Logan very long, but I have grown quite fond of the scruffy, walking stick yieldin, campin gear carryin, mountain climbin, subaru drivin, hummus and tofu eatin hippies of the valley. In more ways than one I absolutely LOVE them!! Nantucket beaches and streets are usually filled with vacationing businessmen and their families with young (and old) preppy kids with carefully cropped hair, popped collars, and faded "Nantucket Red" shorts. There is definitely a very specific style out here. Well, I was riding my bike home the other day when I was temporarily blinded by the sight of a handsome young man with the coolest beard and shaggy hair I've seen in a long time! I literally almost ran into a tree staring at him. Sure, he was a good looking kid but more importantly he brought back memories of my beloved home. How I miss everyone!! The best part was I saw two more guys that fit the hippie description before I made it home. I vote YES for facial hair!!

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