July 31st

For some reason I'm really excited for August to be here. And for some other reason (or maybe it's the same reason, which would be kind of sketchy) I completely forgot there are thirty one days in July, not just thirty. So all day today I've been excited that it's August already. I've had deep thoughts and conversations with myself about the signifigance of time moving so swiftly and what I want to do with the rest of my life because it'll be here and gone before I know it. But it's not August yet. I feel like I have all the time in the world!! It's not moving faster than I can keep up. I still have time to procrastinate accomplishing what I really want to do with my life. It's still July

Before I made this astonishing discovery, I went to pick up my bike from getting a tune up and the fellow was on the phone with someone. I didn't have anything else to do while I waited for my bike so I listened in on his side of the conversation and tried to imagine what was going on on the other end. The guy on my side said that he would send a bike over tomorrow and confirmed that it was the first of August. "Poor guy," I thought to myself. "How can you run a business when you don't even know what day it is?" I didn't want to embarass him in front of his other customers so I didn't say anything. Several hours later I was the poor soul who found out after an entire day Augustness that it was all a scam. So friends, enjoy July while you can, but be so grateful that tomorrow is really, truly AUGUST!!..... Unless they decided to tack that extra day for leap year onto July and tomorrow is really the 32nd, in which case we're all doomed.

P. S. Sorry Mr. Island Bike Man for having a good little chuckle in my head at your expense. You were right. I was wrong.


Bad hair days

A woman woke up one day and noticed she had three hairs on her head. She said, "I can wear a braid today!"

The next morning she woke up and there were two hairs on her head. She said, "I can wear pigtails today!"

The next morning she woke up and there was only one hair on her head. She sighed and said, "Look's like a bad hair day."



I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I'll be getting married on May 26th, 2009! So mark it on your calendars!!

I live with a 60+ year old woman from El Salvador and she thinks one of the church boys likes me. She's very adamant about this. She is also firm in her belief that he and I will be getting married next May... The 26th to be exact. This isn't just a fun little joke. This is dead serious! So, since this is DEFINITELY going to happen I thought I would give everyone some advanced notice.

I love you all and thanks in advance for all the help with the wedding plans!! Today's shout out goes to Doris!!



So I got a text today from the Relief Society President in my ward up in Logan reminding me about the activity they are having this Saturday at the Bishop's house up in the mountains. I'd been up there for another activity and it's a beautiful area and he has a beautiful house. There's going to be bike riding and frisbee and food and other various outdoor activities. Well, I just got off the phone with a very nice young man from the ward who called to tell me about the activity as well. Maybe I'm reading too much into it and they are just super excited about this activity OR I'm on the "inactive" list and they are trying to help a lost sheep come back to church through games and food.... They sure found my weakness!! If I was inactive the surest way to get me back would be the promise of food.... Food and available, attractive young mens. HA!! I love it!!


It's well..... AWESOME!

I got a package from my most awesome and amazing sister, ONGE, today!! I laughed so stinkin hard!! It had some great stuff, some cool stuff, and some downright knock-your-gum-outta-your-mouth-super-fabulous stuff!! She told me earlier that she was sending me something but she said it was kinda lame so I shouldn't get my hopes up. Well played Onge! Way to throw me off the awesomeness by saying it really isn't awesome and then I get it and it's more awesome than I could have imagined!! Oh she's a sly one! John Deer fruit snacks.... That's all I've got to say about it! Today's shout out goes to Onge! I love, Love, LOVE you!!!

Tip # 57 for a fabulous evening

Grab your BFF after work one day this week and ride your bikes to an awesome local. Giant pickles are optional but highly recomended. Have a fabulous time with fabulous people. Whilst riding home in the rain, pass your friend a few marshmallows every now and then.


Lost and found

I lost my phone yesterday morning. I thought I left it in my room but I may have put it in my pocket and it may have fallen out. That's the recent guestimate in my long line of conspiracy theories. Some of you may be wondering how it is that I am even able to survive without my phone attached to my ear (or my thumbs), but I'm here to tell you that I am still alive. It's been a whole two days and I'm still kickin. I've come a long way!! The major drawbacks are I never know what time it is and I don't have an alarm clock anymore. I went and bought one today and was so excited about it... But, I failed to get batteries for the silly thing. Here's hopin I wake up in time for work tomorrow ;)

Can I just say that I really, really LOVE my family and all my true friends out there. Ya'll are such an inspiration to me. I'm so blessed to have amazing people like you in my life. There are so many out here (and anywhere in the world) that are lost and don't know who they are and don't have anyone solid that they can trust and confide in. I feel so grateful that I have so many people that would do anything for me. Thank you so much! I love you all!!


Happy Fourth!!

So I finally cleaned my room and got it all set up and organized how I want it. Now everything has a place. I think part of me doesn't want to be here so I didn't want to unload everything and make it nice and liveable. It feels SO AMAZING to have a clean space that's just for me. It makes me so happy!

I hung out with some wonderful people on my day off. Chelsie, Ozni and I went to the beach but I didn't bring a suit or anything so it was kind of sad sitting there looking at the fun waves and not going in. Then we went downtown which is always fun (especially now that the season has officially started and it's getting wicked packed with all the people!) The best part for me was fireworks on the beach. Technically they set the fireworks off on a boat a ways off the shore and we kick back on the beach and enjoy them. Something always goes wrong (they cancelled the show completely my first year out here on account of weather. The sky went ablaze on the fifth) and this year was no exception. They started the show on time but it just so happened that they were right under a massive cloud. I thought it looked so cool!!! You could see color spewing over the cloud and under it with the faint blob of reds, blues, and greens showing through the cloud. It was amazing to me but I don't think others liked it too much. They shut the whole thing down and we waited and waited. Finally we decided to leave but they moved the boat and the wind blew the clouds away so they started again. We caught a bit of it while we were leaving.



Random act of kindness: My dear friend, Eva, from the island, suprised me today by showing up at my work right as I was getting off, saying she had a suprise for me. We rode our bikes for a short distance and sat on a bike path in the shade. She pulled out our traditional Nantucket dinner which consists of: One Stubby's hamburger, one order of criss cut fries (extra done), one lizard drink, and one giant cookie!! Obviously there were two sets of the famous dinner. It was seriously the best thing that could have happened in my life at that moment! She is just the sweetest!! You rock my world Eva!! Love ya!!