Nuclear attack or alien invasion??

Yesterday was such a crazy day!! I went to church which is always awesome on the Island then I just sort of took it easy doing Sunday appropriate activities. It came time for bed (which is one of my most favorite activities) and I couldn't sleep at all. I decided to go for a little walk. Well, it's been a little creepy on account of all the fog we've had lately. Last night was no different. As I was walking down the street I started to hear this buzzing/siren/horn noise. I felt like I was in one of those old war movies and they were sounding the alarm for a nuclear attack. I promptly cut my walk short as I saw police lights in the not-so-distant distance. Needless to say my nerves were slightly on edge from the whole scene. I was finally able to drift off to dream land when I was suddenly awoken by the loudest thunder crash I've ever heard. My eyes were wide open to see the next bolt of lightning which appeared to be right outside my bedroom window. Sure enough, a fraction of a second passed before the next eardrum-bursting thunder came. I really didn't get a whole lotta sleep last night but that's ok; some of my old friends from last year are back and I got to see them today, and tonight is F.H.E. and we're having a BBQ at my place.... I love food!!



I think sometimes we get way too caught up in everything that's going on around us. There is so much drama and junk that takes up a lot of our time and attention. Work has been crazy. It's the "pre-season anxiety" time and everyone can feel it. I go in every day and I can count on quite a few people to complain about something or other or gripe about this or that. It's intense that's for sure. Well, I choose to look at the good stuff.... And there's plenty of that too!! I went to church yesterday and found so many people that I have missed and that I absolutely LOVE!! There's Louis and Renee and the Shehab family: Porter, (her husband who I can't think of his name right now.... Sorry Brother Shehab), Pedilla, Leila, Rockwell, Cricket and Owen.

Tonight was Family Home Evening on the beach. Who gets to have FHE on a BEACH?!?!? It was stinkin awesome!! Sure it rained and it was a little windy but the Spirit was there as well as those five kids running up and down the beach. I rode my bike home in the dark in the pouring rain. I just laughed the whole time and tried to hit as many puddles as I could. There are fireflies on this island. As I ride my bike home at night I can see random bursts of light. It is amazingly beautiful!!

I am a firm believer in the fact that life is what we make of it. I choose to make it a happy place for myself and for those around me, and to concentrate on how blessed I truly am. Cheesy, I know, but life is a whole lot better when the cup is half full!


Like unto a MULLET

One of the nice things about working at a salon is that there are lots of wonderful people who want to trade services. This is the third year I've worked with Jared and he's basically addicted to my massages (honestly, can you blame the kid? Sometimes I feel bad about leaving a trail of addicts in my wake as I move on to new adventures.) One of the first things he said when I got to the salon was, "So, you got any clients today? Wanna give me a massage?" I gave him one and he did my hair. What happened next was extreme..... Even for me. I kinda feel like I'm sportin a mullet...... Business up front.......

A little Nantucket in our lives

Greetings!! So ya'll know that I am currently in Nantucket, MA. I was riding my trusty steed home from work today and had my camera in hand. I thought I'd show you what it's like for me every day.....

This is just the other side of the road from my work. It's nice, they have a few bike paths so I only have to take my life in my hands when I need to go shopping or buy stamps or wander around downtown...

I can't very well take a picture of myself looking awesome and riding my awesome bike. This is as close as you get....

It looks a lot like the mainland. The only difference being the ocean on all four sides.....

I know I probably shouldn't be taking picutes whilst I ride my bike but hey, it was fun. Plus, I'm not so much a "Joy in the Journey" kinda gal, and leftover pasta was calling my name so I couldn't really stop to take all the pictures.....

By the way, the pasta was FABULOUS!!! Few things in this world make me happier than taking out a container from the fridge, poppin it in the microwave, waiting a minute and a half and eating. It's great!


Father's Day 2008

This is Sarah and Joe coming over to wake up Ma, Onge and I for Father's Day breakfast. Dad made breakfast for himself and for everyone else. We're basically horrible children. Pa is the best ever!! Be sure and check out the very, very end of the video.... It's the best part

Here I am folks!!

This one is new to me.... He is very pretty