Logroño, Spain

I arrived safely in Spain late Saturday. It has definitely been interesting so far! The trip here was super long of course and I´m glad to finally be here. I´ve met a lot of good, fun, random people already. Somehow I got put in a class with kids who have taken a lot more Spanish than me (and by "a lot" I mean one semester). It´s intimidating, but I think I´ll survive. The prefesors refuse to speak English to us. Even the profesor who came with us from Utah State refuses unless it´s a matter of life or death. Kind of annoying at times, but a really good way to actually learn Spanish.

I went to the store yesterday and these kids who were about 12, give or take a few years, asked if I would buy them a drink. I looked at them and said "alcoholica?" To which they replied, "Si!" I just shook my head and told them I couldn´t do it, sorry. A little while later I was out on the bench outside the store with my friend looking at a map. Out comes these kids with hugeo bottles of water and soda. They dumped all of them out on the grass and went back inside. I have no idea what they were up to and I definitely don´t want to know!

Logroño is a much larger town than I thought it would be. There is an old part of town that we took a tour thru yesterday after class. It was so amazing and beautiful! I´ll probably end up posting all of my pictures after my trip. Prepare to be bombarded this August. Anyway, Logroño is a beautiful town with SO much history. I passed a monument celebrating 900 years for Logroño, from 1095 to 1995. The gal on the tour told us so many stories about the old part of town. I didn´t understand all of it. She tried to go slow, but I seriously only know so much Spanish. What I did get was simply amazing!!

Basic moral of this story is that I am safe in Logroño and having a fabulous time!! Hope all is well where you are! Much love!!


Shocking News...

Everyone who really knows me is going to find this quite shocking..... It's Monday and I've already started packing for Spain. My plane doesn't leave till FRIDAY. I had to take a break from it just because I couldn't believe what I was doing. Sadly, my promptness in planning and lack of procrastination doesn't stop there. I'll be in Spain for four weeks then I'll be spending five days in Italy and two-ish in London. I've already booked all the places I'll be sleeping and flights to and fro AND I've even booked a couple of tours so I can maximize my time in each country. WHO AM I?!?


Yard Work Day!!

I suppose I should technically call it "Clean House and Do Yardwork Day!!" I cleaned the house.... Honestly, I have NO IDEA how it gets so dirty!! It baffles me a lot. Then I watered all the green stuff and pulled weeds from my plants and lawn. Now it's off for some more laundry. YAY!!



Ok everyone!! The following three blogs are the long awaited pictures of my house. I hope you enjoy and keep in mind it's much cuter in person so come on over!!

My house..... The begining

And now, by popular demand, I give you....... MY HOUSE!!!! I just have to say that I REALLY love this place! And it's a weird but good feeling to own a house. I never have to worry about where I am going to sleep or any such silliness.

Here is the front view:

And from the side. I've got a few little trees and a pretty white picket fence. Cheesy I know, but it's so cute!! Also take note of the zeroscaping. Takes me home to good 'ole ABQ!

I have a cool little car port for my cute lil Suby. I love hearing the sound of raindrops on the roof during a storm. So soothing.

And here's the back porch. This is where most people come and go from, but be careful there's no railing ;)

Won't you join me inside and together we will explore the splendor and beauty that is my house.....

My house..... Part 2

As you walk in the back door you come into the dining room. This was all white when I bought it and my roommates and I painted it this beautiful green and brown. It's so much homier now. My sweet cousin Morgan painted that picture for me. She's a talented soul and I'm a wee bit jealous but that's another topic for another blog.
This is the kitchen looking from the dining room. It's a decent sized kitchen if you ask me. Sorry it's a bit dirty.... I just got home from grocery shopping and thought I better take pictures while the thought was in my head. I really, really love the green and brown!

This is down the hall, going into the living room. Off to the right is the basement but we won't be journeying down there this trip.

Up to this point you can't really tell that a single college gal lives here. Well, the living room SCREAMS college student. I'm sad to admit but it could very well pass for a boy's living room. This disgusts me slightly, but not enough enough to change it. It works for now.

I don't know if you can tell, but the chair matches the couch. DI special on both of them. It was the happiest day of my life when I found them together. I knew the fates were aligning just for that moment. Pretty sure I spent less than fifty bucks total for everything in my living room. That is definitely the way to roll!

To the right of the couch is the front door and the stairs. So let's take a peak at the treasures the upstairs holds for us, shall we?

My house..... The finale

Now, if we continue on upstairs, I've painted the hall such a pretty blue/gray color that I absolutely love!! And I'm not going to tell you how easy these gray leaf wall decorations were to make.... Just assume I spent a LOT of time and money on something so lovely...

To the right is my room. Not much to look at at the moment, but it serves its purpose. I do have one beautiful painting that my cousin Heidi painted. That girl is so talented it makes me mad sometimes. I swear she took all the talent I was supposed to get. But she's too awesome to stay mad at for too long, plus you haven't seen my closet or study nook yet...

This is the study nook I mentioned last picture. I painted this the same color as the hall. But in all fairness to the nook, it was painted first so technically the hall copied the nook, not the other way around. It's got white Christmas lights all around it. It is such a peaceful place to sit and relax..... And sometimes study...

This view is where the study happens. The other was just for reading and the like.

If you were to take a sharp right on your way to the study nook you would find my gigantic closet. Seriously, you could put a bed in there and call it a really small bedroom.

The pictures don't really give it the justice it deserves. It is a huge closet!

Now if you would cross the hall with me, you'll find my pride and joy..... The Massage Room

I'm going to brag just a little bit right here. I really did spend a lot of time working on this room and I am super proud of how it turned out. It used to be a little boys room with light blue on top and navy blue on bottom. Now, it's the pretty blue/gray on top and gray on the bottom. I made the curtains and pillows and hung all the shelves and lighting and everything. Lots of work, but I really like it. It's a calm, soothing space. So if anyone comes over, you just might be lucky enough to get a massage ;)

What massage room is complete without the Monkeys? You may also have noticed Buddah's head among some foliage on a shelf in the previous picture.

Well, that's my house! (minus the downstairs which has a bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and living room as well as a cute little married couple who I didn't think would be too happy if I took a million pictures of their space) I love it here!!