Celebration gone awry

So I was having a really good day yesterday. I did four massages at the salon then I went to the yacht and did two more. I've been there a few times now and everyone is just so nice!! The owner is amazing and I just laugh as she talks about things that are so normal for her but completely unrealistic for me and most of the world. She talked about growing up with maids like I talk about growing up with the family so close. Completely different worlds! The staff and crew on the boat are so nice too! They are kinda serious but you can tell that they have fun and after hours they can let loose and be crazy.... Totally my kind of people!! Anyway, I was just feeling really good about the day and I was thinking about what Dad had told me the day before about getting over to this amazin seafood place and getting a lobster dinner before I left. I'm saving the lobster dinner for another night, but I went and got Thai food to celebrate being as awesome as I am! I also got a movie to chill with and some ice cream for desert (if I'm going to treat myself, I'm going to do it right!!!) The Thai food was spicier than expected and I ate more than I should have. Not like I haven't done that before, plus I've got an Oakeson stomach so I can handle anything without being affected. WELL.... Around two a.m. I got the strangest feeling. It was like someone was trying to get to my stomach with a rusty spoon to rip my insides out. I alternated paying my dues to the porcelain king (which I'm ok with on account of I don't ever get sick like that) and laying on the floor because the cold tiles made my head feel like it would stay on my body. I returned to my bed for the best - and shortest - night's sleep of the year. I did five massages today and I feel fabulous! Tired of course, but fabulous still!! I think it's a built in mechanism of the Oakeson stomach that if something does manage to get a glitch in the system it fixes it right as new in no time! Thanks to all my ancestors for building a tolerance to pretty much anything and everything and passing it along to us! We will forever love you for it!


Onge said...

Crazyness!! Love that Oakeson stomach!! I am glad you are feeling good again.

Eliza said...

Now that is a good story. I definitely get the best version of that Oakeson stomach, but I'm quite content. You're pretty lucky!