Magic Happens

I got a text from Pa a few days ago as a "friendly reminder" that if I didn't get a lobster dinner I wasn't allowed back home. That was a no-brainer and here are the fruits of my labor!!
Doris is my funny roommate from El Salvador. You've heard the stories, now here's the face. She readily agreed to join me for a night of lobster bliss!
His exoskeleton isn't going to save him now
The poor little guy just seconds away from going down the hatch.... No pun intended, but still kinda funny ;) He didn't stand a chance
He kinda looks cute and peaceful on a bed of corn on the cob and steamed red potatoes
And this is all that was left after we went to town. The coleslaw and clam chowder didn't even survive. We took no prisoners!!

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Onge said...

Yummy!! I gave you a little something to tide you over. I will try and do better at my blogging!