Happy Fourth!!

So I finally cleaned my room and got it all set up and organized how I want it. Now everything has a place. I think part of me doesn't want to be here so I didn't want to unload everything and make it nice and liveable. It feels SO AMAZING to have a clean space that's just for me. It makes me so happy!

I hung out with some wonderful people on my day off. Chelsie, Ozni and I went to the beach but I didn't bring a suit or anything so it was kind of sad sitting there looking at the fun waves and not going in. Then we went downtown which is always fun (especially now that the season has officially started and it's getting wicked packed with all the people!) The best part for me was fireworks on the beach. Technically they set the fireworks off on a boat a ways off the shore and we kick back on the beach and enjoy them. Something always goes wrong (they cancelled the show completely my first year out here on account of weather. The sky went ablaze on the fifth) and this year was no exception. They started the show on time but it just so happened that they were right under a massive cloud. I thought it looked so cool!!! You could see color spewing over the cloud and under it with the faint blob of reds, blues, and greens showing through the cloud. It was amazing to me but I don't think others liked it too much. They shut the whole thing down and we waited and waited. Finally we decided to leave but they moved the boat and the wind blew the clouds away so they started again. We caught a bit of it while we were leaving.

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