My house..... Part 2

As you walk in the back door you come into the dining room. This was all white when I bought it and my roommates and I painted it this beautiful green and brown. It's so much homier now. My sweet cousin Morgan painted that picture for me. She's a talented soul and I'm a wee bit jealous but that's another topic for another blog.
This is the kitchen looking from the dining room. It's a decent sized kitchen if you ask me. Sorry it's a bit dirty.... I just got home from grocery shopping and thought I better take pictures while the thought was in my head. I really, really love the green and brown!

This is down the hall, going into the living room. Off to the right is the basement but we won't be journeying down there this trip.

Up to this point you can't really tell that a single college gal lives here. Well, the living room SCREAMS college student. I'm sad to admit but it could very well pass for a boy's living room. This disgusts me slightly, but not enough enough to change it. It works for now.

I don't know if you can tell, but the chair matches the couch. DI special on both of them. It was the happiest day of my life when I found them together. I knew the fates were aligning just for that moment. Pretty sure I spent less than fifty bucks total for everything in my living room. That is definitely the way to roll!

To the right of the couch is the front door and the stairs. So let's take a peak at the treasures the upstairs holds for us, shall we?

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Sandra and Dave said...

Love the green and brown paint. I am impressed with the under $50.00 living room furnishings!!!!

Go Thrift!!