My house..... The begining

And now, by popular demand, I give you....... MY HOUSE!!!! I just have to say that I REALLY love this place! And it's a weird but good feeling to own a house. I never have to worry about where I am going to sleep or any such silliness.

Here is the front view:

And from the side. I've got a few little trees and a pretty white picket fence. Cheesy I know, but it's so cute!! Also take note of the zeroscaping. Takes me home to good 'ole ABQ!

I have a cool little car port for my cute lil Suby. I love hearing the sound of raindrops on the roof during a storm. So soothing.

And here's the back porch. This is where most people come and go from, but be careful there's no railing ;)

Won't you join me inside and together we will explore the splendor and beauty that is my house.....

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Sandra and Dave said...

Cute House Erin. I love it.