Another Crazy Dream

So I had a dream...... I was sleeping on the couch at Mom's house (this wasn't the dream, this actually happened.) I heard my phone vibrating so I rolled over to answer it. I saw that it was my uncle Dave, but I was way too out of it to answer. I just fell back asleep. Then all of a sudden...... I was over at Dave's house talking to him.

Me: "Hey Dave! Sorry I didn't answer the phone. What's up?"

Dave: "We are having a Gaila tonight for Abe!"

My first thought was what?? A gala?? Like something the Queen of England would attend??

Dave: "It's a celebration where we can express ourselves thru dance and massage!"

Me: "Nice!! I'm totally in!"

Dave: "Could you make sure the word gets out? That would be great! Mostly just the people right next to us. The Hartch's and the family right next to us."

Me: "Oh, the one's with the cute kids?"

Dave: "No, the one's Sam goes out to eat with all the time. Ok! I'll see you later!"

He promptly left and I was left to wonder who the heck are these people that he wants me to invite to the celebration. Luckily I didn't have to wonder too long. I woke up again and listened to his message.... Really, he just wanted Sarah and Joe's phone number. Who knew...


Onge said...

Not sure about the dancing but I like the idea of the massages!!

Sandra and Dave said...

Erin, That dream is so funny. Maybe we can actually have a gala, and celebrate Abe, maybe without the dancing and the massage, but Queen Elizabeth is in for sure.

Love you Erin.

Abe, Sandra, and Dave