There's No Going Back

I feel like I need a LOT of motivation for most things that I do. Motivation comes in a lot of forms for me. Survival, guilt, friends, fear to name a few. I notice that the fear of looking stupid really motivates me too. I went to Park City with some friends a few weeks ago and here's how the conversation went:

N: "I need to get skinny for my vaca with a couple of hotties!"

K1: "I feel so out of shape from when I was in high school"

K2: "Me too. We should all start running!"

N: "I already do, I just need to step it up!"

K1: "Well let's all run a half marathon!!"

Everyone: "Heck ya!! That'd be amazing!!"

Me: "Yaaaa..... Count me in......"

So now I'm running a half marathon next year because I succumb to peer pressure all too easily. And I have to train hard so I don't look like the fool who walks an entire half marathon. I've been telling everyone I know so it's extra motivation to keep going and not quit. I don't want to be talking to anyone next year and have to conversation go like this:

You: "Hey Erin!! How'd that half marathon go? You know, I am so proud that you did that. Look at how amazing you are! You're a hero to the world!!"

Me: "Oh, about that.... I actually didn't do it...."

You: "You didn't get injured or anything did you??"

Me: "Not really.... I just got really caught up in my soaps and chocolate to get to the gym...."

Me: *head held down in shame*

You: *Trying to avoid my gaze because you feel bad and awkward for me*

That's an awkward conversation that I don't want either of us to have to participate in. So, I'm running and training and getting ready so that when it comes up I can feel cool because I did it and you can feel cool because you know someone who did it. I have even convinced others to share in my madness. My lil sis is running with me. And guess what?! You can do it too!! The more the merrier! The first race (that's right, I'm doing two half marathons next year) is March 19th in Moab. It will be beautiful!!! And fun! So let me know if you want to join in the craziness!

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