Lessons Learned

I have a confession to make.... My yard is a MESS!! Work got crazy for a little bit, I was going down to Salt Lake a ton and I'm a little lazy which all adds up to yard with weeds taller than me and grass that is hanging on to life by a thread. Everytime I came home and looked at the mess I would think to myself, "There is no way that I'll be able to clean all of this up today! Plus I had a bunch of massages and I'm TIRED" So what would I do? Go inside, read a book or go play. After a couple of weeks of not having enough time to get everything the way I want, I finally decided that I don't need to get it all done in one shot. So on Saturday I spent maybe half an hour weeding a section of zeroscaping. Then on Monday I mowed the lawns, watered and tackled a flower bed that was more weed than flower. Today, my yard isn't perfect, but it so much more beautiful than it was last week.

The lesson I learned? I think in life we want to be perfect and be able to do everything right now. "I want to lose a ton of weight right now." "I want to be a scriptorian right now." "I want to be celestial material right now." "I want to be the perfect daughter, son, sister, brother, mother, father, wife, husband, friend, employee, church member, person RIGHT NOW!" The task can seem overwhelming and all too often we either put it off or abandon the idea all together because it's too much for us. Maybe we need to take a step back, catch our breath and move forward with what we CAN do. Maybe we need to realize that we aren't perfect right now, but that's OK!

My yard isn't perfect, but you know what? It will be soon. My life isn't perfect, but you know what? It will be eventually as long as I continue to do those little things everyday to make myself the person I want to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I'm sure you all know this already... I have so many amazing examples in my life of AMAZING people. Thanks for being the wonderful people you are! And thanks for showing me how to be a better person!


The Coxclan said...

Loved it! You know just what to say when I need to hear it. Thanks Orrin, you are a pretty amazing person, right now.

Laurie said...

Erin you're wonderful! Way to be! Love you!

Brooke S said...

So, you wanna weed my xeriscape this weekend? :)