Look at Me Posting Again So Fast!!

A lot of interesting things have happened to me in the last little bit. So I will now share them with all of you.

First, let me say that Easter was AWESOME!!! I got to be home with my family which was amazing. Sarah, Joe, and Ellie were up. Mom, Pa, Catherine and Onge were there and so we all got to be together for a while. It was groovy fun times! I like that General Conference was the same weekend as Easter. I missed a session or so but was able to watch most of it. I really enjoyed that they spoke a lot to the women of the church as well as parents. I'm not a parent myself, but in my new profession I will be working very closely with new parents and it was great to hear what the Lords expects of them and will bless them with. While I'm on the subject of the Church, I'll tell you that I went to the Salt Lake Temple last week with my friend John from New York. It was such a beautiful experience! I'm always amazed at the intensity of inspiration, comfort and guidance that is given in the temple. My goal for the rest of the year is to go once a week. There is always an excuse not to go, but if I make it a priority it will happen. I've been thinking a lot about priorities. We have so many excuses not to do the things we need to in this life. But really, it's just about giving up bad (and even good) things for better things.

Back to Easter!! We had an Easter Egg Hunt with all the cousins in the area. It was so much fun! Made me remember all the great times we had when we were young. I love getting together with the family!

I actually think I will stop there and post the other interesting things later. We've discussed a lot of spiritual principles and I don't want to taint them with my other happenings. Thanks to all the wonderful people in my life that enrich my life just by being who they are! I am blessed beyond anything I can convey. Much love to all!!

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Sandra and Dave said...

You DO get more and more awesome as time goes by (reference to your previous log)!! I, too, loved conference. There is so much for which to be thankful. I love how being led into a direction that we would never imagine for ourselves just opens up life for us and the reality of God and His love for us. It is totally happening to you! You're awesome!